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You can adjust the settings for your "virtual browser" below. These options affect the information the proxy sends to the target server.

User Agent (?)
Choose from presets:
Note: some websites may adjust content based on your user agent.
Referrer (?)
Send real referrer:
Custom referrer:
Note: some websites may validate your referrer and deny access if set to an unexpected value


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proxy4free.website allows you to access any website anonymously also by using our free web proxy, your IP address is always hidden and will not be exposed at any time. We have taken numerous steps to ensure a secure browsing session for our users. The proxy4free.website IP address is the only IP address that will be visible.
Filtering. This proxy may refuse to answer some requests if it detects that are prohibited.
Security. This proxy server is an additional layer of defense and therefore protects web servers.
Speed. This web proxy will cache multiple same request, so it will save more times to load some resources. Options. Yes this is one of important feature that must have at every proxy site. You can manage url configuration through [options] panel, such as Encrypt URL, cookies allowance, remove unneeded object, encrypt page , remove pages titles and script removal if needed.